New street map has Bath sussed out

A lovely new map of Bath has just been launched and a whole stack of them have just arrived at the gallery today! You can now find QG located on the corner of Queen Street and Trim Street in relation to other shops, sites and attractions in Bath.   The new map give tourists the chance to navigate the beautiful streets of Bath and locate and all manner of interesting places in the city by following a very well thought out sketch map, which I’m pleased to see includes the arch at the bottom of Queen Street!  Useful and beautiful way finding from SoMaps.

Queen Street is also well worth a visit for a drink (just next door to the gallery) at  The Canary Gin Bar serving their very own Bath Gin, or at The Raven Pub  lunch at The Wild Cafe and vintage shopping at Scarlet Vintage and the Vintage and Rare Guitars shop.

The maps are available from the gallery and lots of other places in Bath, including the Library, Waitrose, Victoria Art Gallery and The Roman Baths.