October 2015

Jewellery and Gin!

We’re looking forward to some early festivities next month at the opening of our jewellery show – ADORN – which starts with an evening of jewellery and Bath Gin on Friday 6 November.

The show is also open Sunday 8 November from 11 – 4 pm

We shall be showcasing fabulous new collections by existing gallery jewellers as well as introducing some fantastic new designers in the lead-up to Christmas.  The show celebrates creative jewellery making so you’ll find a range of individual hand-made pieces by a selection of leading jewellery designers from across the UK.

If you’re interested in attending this event please contact Evie Williams
evie@quercusgallery.co.uk   01225 428211  

New work by Adrian Mitchell coming soon …

We are looking forward to seeing Adrian Mitchell at the end of October when he travels over from Spain to deliver a new collection of his beautiful turned wooden vessels.  These new works, mainly crafted from Holm oak, have all been turned from green wood and allowed to dry slowly, change shape and in some cases crack to reveal interesting details.

These organic changes in material are very much part of the work, I see it as a mark of this place where we live and of the forces of the natural world. All the work is finished in oil and beeswax and the black pieces have ebonised using a natural process with a ferrous solution of wire wool dissolved in vinegar which reacts with the tannin in the oak.

Adrian lives and works in Andalucia, where he works with local timbers such as olive, almond, carob and chestnut, from trees often felled for firewood.  Using a few basic tools he achieves an intimacy with the wood, which guides his inspiration. His simple, unadorned forms turned from green wood and slowly air dried take on subtle natural distortions and express something of the harsh beauty of the landscape around him.

All images courtesy of the artist.  The new pieces will be available at the gallery from 6 November.  Please contact the gallery if you’d like to receive a full list of works.