Adam Milford was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire in 1979, and moved to Plymouth, Devon at an early age. He studied at Plymouth College of Art and Liverpool School of Art and Design gaining a BA (Hons) Fine Art 2001. Since graduating, Milford has been working from his studio in Plymouth on a body of work heavily influenced by the environment of Devon and Cornwall. His work is in the collection of Truro School, Cornwall and in numerous private collections across the UK.

My interest ultimately lies in peripheral places – the boundaries between fields, the divisions of land, sea and sky, the ‘non-places’ of roadside, drove way, car park, or footpath. Living and working in Plymouth could even be considered an extension of this interest, being situated as it is on the perimeter of both Devon and Cornwall, bound by river, sea and moorland.

Walking is important. Whether across fields, up hills, over walls, along beaches, down paths, around headlands, or through gorse, experiencing the land through movement informs the painting process. I am not solely concerned with the visual.

The paintings are an attempt to better understand my position as part of this environment. They remain specific to the dynamic space of the South West; the transient and exploratory, the solid and static.