Award-winning UK artist Emmeline Hastings combines unexpected and contrasting materials to create striking, beautiful and contemporary wearable objects.

Her pieces capture fleeting moments; something glimpsed and remembered. Her jewels reveal a rough-hewn crystalline form, the surface dotted, bristling with glittering metallic tabs that shift and change in colour and perspective. Working in Perspex, each of her pieces is light and wearable with mysterious patterns of gold and titanium, seemingly organic to the form.

 All of my work shares an ephemeral quality while being eminently wearable. I create mysterious miniature landscapes through a unique visual language. I hope to make associations with varying natural phenomenon through this contemporary and individual making process.

Since graduating in 2009 with a First class BA hons 3D Design Metalwork and Jewellery degree from UCA  Farnham, Emmeline Hastings has shown at leading jewellery and contemporary craft exhibitions in the UK and internationally, including Goldsmiths’ Fair, Dazzle, Collect and with Lesley Craze Gallery.

Quercus Gallery exhibitions featuring Emmeline Hastings:
ADORN Contemporary Jewellery Showcase 7 November – 3 December 2015
FORMS & FABRICS 7 March – 18 April 2015