Lauri Hopkins

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Lauri Hopkins’ work crosses disciplines but primarily involves painting, collage and the re-assembling of defunct materials.

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Inspiration is often drawn from mid-century Architecture and Design, the history of Abstract Art, objects that have fallen out of use and childhood memories.

An understanding of colour and a fascination with the way we see everyday objects underpins everything I make. Whether painting directly onto, or simply re-configuring found objects, my process is always unfolding and intuitive.  I try to work in an open way, and intend for the works themselves to open out into countless connections. I hope that there is an all-embracing quality about them.  I try to stay receptive to the subtle shifts in mood, the time of day, the song I am listening to or the person or place that a particular combination of shapes, colours and textures can remind me of.

Lauri has exhibited regularly since completing a BA in Fine Art from The University of Chichester in 2012.  Her work has been selected for numerous National Art Competitions and has appeared in group shows across the UK whilst 2014 has seen Lauri’s work included in group shows in Denmark and the USA.  She has won awards for best exhibitor at Palace Art Fair and has sold to collectors internationally.

Exhibitions featuring Lauri Hopkins:
ACCIDENTAL POETRY 5 – 27 September 2014
GLEAM 6 December – 18 January 2014
Assembling 15 June – 13 July 2013