Lucy Augé  is a UK based artist whose core beliefs in simplicity and living with seasons shape her work. Painting from ink using a Chinese fat brush, her style is influenced by the bold strokes and minimal colour palette of Asia.

Lucy’s work seeks to capture the mood of the season through documenting and repeating momentary images present in nature.  Her process starts with observing plants in a chosen landscape and noticing different varieties depending on where they grow.  Each plant is then painted either once, or repeatedly, until she feels she has successfully captured the nuances of natural forms.  This act of painting one plant over and over causes her to constantly re-evaluate what she sees.  The process is then repeated to produce a large body of work, which takes from a week to a whole season to compile. By scaling these images up, the results are large-scale paintings but seen through the delicate details and shapes formed by plants when grown together in their natural habitat.  Lucy selects materials and colours to reflect the mood of each fresh season.  In so doing she creates a timeline of what was felt at the time and her work becomes a direct evocation of the nature of the moment.  Her work of late focuses on the subtle differences of plants in varying environments. The finished paintings work as individual pieces, however the true impact is only seen when compiled into an installation to reveal the boundless beauty of the habitat in which they came from.

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