Penny Price

Penny Price is a Somerset-based jewellery designer who creates one-off sculptural pieces of jewellery.

There are two main elements to my work, the abstract and the figurative. The way in which I work varies enormously. The abstract side can be a slow and organic process, which often begins on paper but might involve lengths of wire and string or sheets of modelling wax and scissors.

Primarily I am searching for a satisfying form or construction that will work alone or juxtaposed against others to form flexible wearable pieces. Once the basic form and construction is decided, I like to employ contrast as an enhancer, solid/open, light/heavy, polished/matt, dark/light. Occasionally I will introduce free hanging discs for an element of movement or coloured sea glass or pebbles for fun.

After studying jewellery design at Central Saint Martins Penny Price worked independently in several London workshops. Her current workshop is a Georgian coach house at her home in Somerset, having relocated from the Midlands 8 years ago.

ADORN Contemporary Jewellery Showcase 7 November – 3 December 2015