Robyn Hardyman

Exhibiting in FORMATIONS at Quercus Gallery 12 June – 10 July 2021.

Robyn Hardyman works with porcelain, making functional and decorative wheel thrown vessels. Elegant and balanced shapes define the pared back simplicity of her work. She is drawn to the material’s dual characteristics of delicacy and strength and for the pure surface porcelain offers for glazes. Her pieces are thrown to a thin and delicate finish and, while their forms are often inspired by classic oriental ceramics, they have a contemporary quality of their own. Robyn works from her studio in Oxford.

The artist has always had a fascination with porcelain, oriental ceramics in particular, for their pure forms and for the apparent mystery of how they were made. After a 3-year course at Oxford City College she set up her own home studio and since then has been developing new techniques and expanding her portfolio of work.

I relish exploring glaze colours and textures and finding a variety of surfaces that complement the simplicity of the forms. This is an on-going process; the thrill of experiment and discovery is one of the greatest rewards in making.

As a maker, she enjoys investigating the way pots look when grouped together, the shapes and shadows between the forms and the relationship between their colours and textures. Her palette is cool, blues, greys, pale greens and creams – calming and harmonious. The ceramic forms can be enjoyed as single pieces but also complement each other very satisfyingly when combined in small groups. All the pieces are fired in an electric kiln and are food safe.

In November 2020 Robyn was filmed talking about her work for the Digital Craft Festival and the video is accessible here (Robyn’s segment is about 6 minutes into the film).

​Robyn Hardyman is a member of Find a Maker, the curated collection of fine craft makers, an Associate Member of the Oxfordshire Crafts Guild and a member of London Potters and the Crafts Council Directory.