Sian Patterson

Sian Patterson is a Glasgow-based ceramicist and architect who designs and makes functional and decorative thrown stoneware.

I am as concerned about the visual appearance and coherence of the collection as I am about how each piece feels to hold and to use – in terms of proportion, materiality and balance. The work references a range of influences – from Victorian pharmaceutical and preserving bottles, to the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi. The connection is an interest in creating work which is simultaneously familiar and distinctive.

The cut rims are left unglazed, revealing the quality of the white stoneware clay. The smooth, glassy finish of the inky-blue liner glaze contrasts with the soft, matte finish of the rim, whilst the depth of colour highlights the spatial relationship between inside and out.

In addition to the core tableware collection, Sian makes a range of one-off bottles and jars as part of her ongoing investigation into composition, form and glaze. These are offered as individual pieces, but are intended to be displayed in groups.  The act of making by hand is absolutely central to Sian’s practice – every piece is wheel thrown, trimmed and glazed individually, then stamped with a maker’s mark and year of production.

Please contact the gallery for additional images and prices for individual pieces.