Viki Pearce

Viki Pearce is a Bristol-based jeweller working exclusively in recycled silver and fairtrade gold.   Viki’s tactile, expressive jewellery pieces are created using traditional techniques that allow spontaneity to form shapes intuitively.

The provenance of her materials is integral to the beauty and value of her pieces. She finds her inspiration in the work of ancient Columbian and Etruscan goldsmiths, in modern literature and the natural world.

Her series of “Collectors” brooches are wearable vessels, giving scope to house selected specimens of flora when worn.  Each piece comes with a hand-made wooden display stand so the sculpture can be beautifully displayed when not being worn.

Quercus Gallery is delighted to be showcasing a collection of Viki’s vessel brooches alongside a related collection of necklaces and earrings in our ADORN Contemporary Jewellery Showcase 2015 7 November – 3 December 2015