Finding beauty in the banal

September’s exhibition ‘Accidental Poetry’ introduces two new artists to the gallery – Jane Cairns and Rebecca Gouldson, along with new work by Lauri Hopkins and William Reardon. Ceramics, etched metal wall pieces and mixed media constructions are brought together in this show, revealing each artist’s interest in conveying something of the beauty they find in the banal objects and sites around them, which are often overlooked by others.

Jane Cairns works from her studio near the Thames Barrier, responding to her riverside and industrial surroundings to make multi-layered, multi-fired ceramic vessels and individual sculptural forms.  Jane is creating some new Potlatch vessels for the exhibition.
View more on her website here.

Rebecca Gouldson’s inspiration stems from both the built environment and the natural landscape. Drawing, making prints and taking photographs are the starting point to developing the diverse imagery used on the pieces. For Quercus Gallery’s show Rebecca is producing some new metal wall pieces in response to walking in Bath.
View more on her website here.

Please note that that the gallery will be closed for redecoration and rehanging between Sunday 24 September and Monday 1 October inclusive.