Our new show ENCLOSURES is now up and running and continues until Saturday 15 August.

The show features 2D and 3D artworks by three distinctive artists working across the mediums of print, painting, drawing and sculpture.  Each artwork references some form of enclosure with the combination of pieces presenting interesting visual connections and contrasts throughout the exhibition.

A new body of work by Sandra Porter sits alongside previously unseen works by John Mitchell and we are delighted to be introducing prints by Katherine Jones to the gallery for the first time.  Katherine Jones is an award-winning artist based in London who studied printmaking at Cambridge School of Art and London’s Camberwell Colledge of Art.  Recently awarded multiple printmaking prizes in the UK her work is being recognised for its technical brilliance, distinctive depiction of light and strong iconography.

An interest in enclosures appear as a strong strand within each of the three artist’s output and this exhibition highlights an overlap between them. The pure, focused forms of John Mitchell’s ‘house-like’ shapes reveal his interest in the harmony of the Fibonacci Sequence that underpins so much of his work.  His enclosures are idealised, timeless shapes presented in sets of four across pure pigments of contrasting colours – coeruleum blue and indian red.  The forms are presented directly in order that the full essence of volume and arrangement of angles can be read and understood.

By contrast Katherine Jones’ use of enclosures initiate a narrative and sense of ambiguity.  The structures presented in her work play out a contrasting sense of security and void with the ‘house-like’ forms seemingly becoming symbols for our understanding of enclosures in different ‘scenes’ of lived experience.  Her works invite the viewer to navigate a visual environment created through layers of texture and colour.

Sandra Porter’s perspective on enclosures adds another dimension to the theme.  Her new works in this show were developed from observations of shed-like structures on the Isle of Skye called Bothans.  The artist was struck by the rich visual effect of the corrugated textures on these buildings, combined with the simplicity of their entire form.  The prints and paintings here display the abstracted essence of these physical structures distilled through Sandra’s distinctive vocabulary of grids and stripes.

View photographs of the exhibition here.