Elisabeth throws sculptural domestic ware in porcelain, aimed at giving pleasure both in display and practical use. The multi-functional vessels can be arranged in groups, stacked or placed individually; each a sculpture in its own right.

Most of the intricate turned detail in this work is underneath, often deliberately hidden from view when upright; waiting to be discovered by the hands that hold them. The bare polished porcelain exteriors combine with subtle matt glazed interiors to provide functionality; contrasting the dark oxide rich glossy glazes in deepest blues and greens. The porcelain has a pleasing weight and tactile coolness that will absorb body heat when held and used. I intend that once a piece has been picked up, it’s hard to put down.

My work is inspired by odd items, usually small and seemingly insignificant: a pleasing spoon, a bit of metal, or a pattern on the pavement.