Alex McIntyre uses experimental drawing to explore processes of seeing,  questioning and mark making.  Since September 2014, she has developed a practice of running and walking as a process of recording which later infuses increasingly abstract landscapes.  Her work is informed by recurring themes of space, movement and stillness, noise and silence.

This recent work builds on a practice originally developed from March 2012 when Alex McIntyre first undertook a research project generating drawings from observation during rehearsals for dance, theatre and physical theatre performances. Using her observational drawings Alex produced further studies, oil paintings on gesso and board and sculptures.  In 2013 Alex drew during rehearsals for Ballet:Fused with the English National Ballet and in collaboration with Brent Council. 


Convinced of a personal need to interact with the world through touch, Alex first began work as a sculptor during a Masters in Fine Art (Merit, Middlesex University 2007). Initially she created sentences by stitching the beat of words and letters into scrap material and piecing together bodies from the fabric of destroyed paintings.  The bodies gradually collected personalities and Alex began to work in clay and then plaster to create characters that spoke with eyes that were closed or open and mouths that seemed, on occasion, about to speak.

From February 2008 she undertook a two year Artist in Residence position with Middlesex University to develop her practice and mentor students.   She continued to explore sculpture, until in 2011, drawing and painting became increasingly important and now form the primary focus of her practice.  Alex is currently an artist fellow of Digswell Arts in Hertfordshire, and member of Free Painters and Sculptors.