Gillian Thompson’s work is about paring-down form and line to a minimum in order to evoke a particular emotion.  She is interested in how simplicity can produce a quiet yet powerful presence in a space. Working with found imagery and personal photographs, her prints are created through a process of reiteration. Stripped down of unnecessary features, the form is presented alone, revealing it’s idiosyncratic character.

Gillian’s painterly approach to printmaking focuses on intaglio processes.  Printing on heavyweight handmade paper emphasises the tactility of the work, making the prints more akin to objects.

Her recent body of work entitled They Marched into The Great White Silence is a series of reductive, elemental etchings based on the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition, headed by Captain Scott in 1911.  The work is a response to Scott’s photographic documentation of Antarctica, as well as his journals and letters to his wife.

Gillian lives and works in Bristol. She has a Degree in Photography and a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking. She is an Editioner at Spike Print Studio and works as a Technical Instructor in the print centre at the University of the West of England. She has won various print awards including BITE in 2012 and the Rebecca Smith Award in 2013.

Quercus Gallery exhibitions featuring Gillian Thompson:
LATE SUMMER SHOW: 29 August – 26 September 2015
CONTEMPORARY PRINTS: 4 October – 1 November 2014
ACCIDENTAL POETRY: 5 – 27 September 2014