Holly Berry

The Morse code LOVE wrap is the original woven design from Holly Berry. Made from super soft cashmere and merino wool and batch produced in a Scottish mill. The graphic pattern spells LOVE in Morse code throughout the scarf, and the double sided woven structure means that each side of the cloth has its own unique pattern.  Made from 10% cashmere and 90% merino wool. 50 x 180cm + 15 cm tassel.

This large woven wrap spells HOLD in its colourful and graphic Morse code pattern. Inspired by acid bright alpine flora in rocky mountain settings, measuring 220cm x 45cm made using a super soft blend of lambswool, merino and cashmere, woven in batches at a traditional Scottish mill.

Holly Berry designs and makes contemporary woven interiors products and fashion accessories using luxury natural fibres and a striking colour pallet.

Celebrating the art and heritage of woven textiles is at the heart of Holly’s practice, all pieces are traditionally woven at a 250 year old British mill or hand woven in her London studio.  She uses graphic blocks to weave Morse-code messages into her textiles, embedding them with subtle story telling and emotive connections. In 2010 Holly was selected by the Crafts Council UK to join the pioneering Hothouse programme for emerging makers.

Gallery exhibitions featuring Holly Berry:
PATTERNS OF ENQUIRY 16 May – 14 June 2014