Lindy Dickins’ present work combines printing, painting and acrylic on board. Pieces evolve, whilst she works on several at the same time, giving a common colour palette across her output.

Working on a relatively small scale, Lindy enjoys using simple lines and shapes which are carefully placed. Experimenting with colour, and scratching into the surface, she creates depth and hidden layers, making each piece unique.

In addition Lindy makes collections of small, painted wooden houses, which utilise the same colour palette and are beautifully sanded and etched with implied window and door details.  These little hand-held sculptures come in a variety of sizes and colours and can be viewed at the gallery.

The framed constructed pieces are priced at £125 each and the little wooden houses are between £5 – £10. Postage is free over £10.  Please get in touch if you’re interested in receiving more information.