Quercus Inspired Collection

This is a little curated display of oak and acorn inspired pieces from a number of different artists and designers.  It’s been something I have been thinking about for some time and tying it in with our re-opening show felt like a good time and place!

The experience of this past year has no doubt caused everyone much introspection and refocusing of ideals. When first establishing the gallery the idea of ‘mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow’ was very much a founding part of Quercus’ ethos as for me it was the first time starting a business and owning my own gallery.  It is an extremely well worn phrase but to me it resonates very much with my approach to a gallery’s role – the idea of the ‘tiny acorn’ of interest that you hope to inspire in someone when they first discover an artist’s work and the growth and nurture required in relation to creative relationships with artists and with clients. It may seem too flexible an interpretation but it has always been the thing I come back to about the business, hence the name Quercus (oak).  I am hoping the gallery can become a thriving part of Bradford-on-Avon’s creative community and put forth new shoots of interest and inspiration for people revisiting or visiting Quercus for the first time. I am hugely grateful to everyone who supported, ordered and kept in touch with the gallery throughout the lockdowns, it means the world and I feel very fortunate to be able to continue the business this year.

I hope you enjoy the themed collection from cards and prints to jewellery, textiles and gifts.