11 September – 2 October

The first chapter of our autumn show introduces the work of talented recent graduate Emily Hatton, a Waste Conscious Surface Designer.

The gallery is delighted to be showcasing these exciting new pieces in the first of our highlighted displays on the theme of ‘Return to Form’, focussing on the creative reuse and recycling of materials within contemporary art and design.

This collection of Emily’s work is from her Abstract Waste series and involves the use of Industrial and household waste materials in sculptural formations.

Over the course of this month we will be featuring work by new artists and exploring different ways in which materials are reimagined and returned to forms anew, from vessels, jewellery, textiles and constructions. It is fascinating to see the creative scope in this area and to appreciate how new life can be given to materials otherwise discarded.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about any of the works in this show.

Read more about Emily Hatton’s design work. 







The full exhibition includes jewellery collections, mixed media artworks, collage and ceramics.