Rose Teleri studied Jewellery and Ceramics at Carmarthen School of art, having previously attended classes with jeweller Sarah Lloyd Morris in Pembrokeshire.

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Rose’s jewellery is characterised by organic shapes and textures inspired by the natural world.  She works mainly in eco-silver but also includes gold, rose gold and found materials to create relaxed combinations of forms and tones. Her earrings and necklaces almost appear like hand-drawn ‘sketches in silver’ with no two designs being the same.  Rose lives and works in Pembrokeshire.

Since leaving university I have developed a working process that helps me translate what I see around me into unique pieces of jewellery, each with its own personality. My main inspiration comes from pebbles and the irregular shapes and textures in nature. I find it almost impossible to create two pieces alike as the process of making often dictates the outcome. I enjoy working directly with the metal, embracing the dents and marks as they are made.

Quercus first showed Rose’s beautiful jewellery in 2019 when the gallery held a temporary exhibition space on the London Road in Bath. We are delighted to be showcasing her new collection in Winter 2021.