Vanessa Coles is a designer-maker with a multidisciplinary design background. Her work has a strong focus on aesthetic value through simplicity, purity of geometry, pattern and colour, together with a sense of fun and playfulness.

Quercus is delighted to be showing a range of Vanessa’s brooch duo sets and individual wearable art pieces.  They have the versatility of being able to be worn in different configurations or separately.  Bold, pieces of wearable sculpture to add a positive pop of colour to your person.

Inspired by her love of simple geometric shapes, colour and pattern these wearable art pieces have been made using 6mm sustainable laser plywood and carefully selected colours from the Formica palette.

My work explores line, form and function combining craft and advances in technology and the joining of simple materials and techniques. I create work that has integrity, meaning and above all will stand the test of time.

Vanessa lives in Bradford-on-Avon and teaches 3D Design and Graphic Design at Stroud School of Art, South Gloucester & Stroud College.